Does your computer need repairing? Look no further! Our technicians are friendly, courteous, experienced and efficient at solving computer issues. We aim to resolve all types of software faults including: lost password recovery, data recovery service, corrupt file repair, pop ups, hacker attacks, virus and spyware removal, slow computers made fast again, blue screen error repair. We also offer a hardware faults replacement service, whatever the issue we have a technician to resolve it!

Preparing to bring your computer into us?

  • There is no need to book your machine in, just come at a time that is convenient to yourself.

  • If your machine is heavy please come in and ask a member of staff to help you, we will be more than happy to carry it from your car to the shop.

  • For computers/tower units we just need the machine only without any power leads, cables, monitors, keyboard or mouse.

  • For Laptops we will need the adapter/charger.

  • Please let us know if there are any user names and/or passwords to get into Windows, as we will need these to access your machine.

Please be aware-   your data is your responsibility. Whilst Senseware will endeavour to save & copy all your data, it cannot accept or be held responsible for any loss of data. We strongly recommend that you back-up all data before bringing any machines in for repair. Should you need them, we sell external hard drives, USB memory sticks, blank Cd's & DVDs.


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"Computers repaired by trained PC technicians in our store or at your home or office. Wireless and cabled networking undertaken. Waffle and jargon free advice is free of charge."

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